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Updated: May 5, 2020

Our wonderful choice, "deriveur integral" SY Acqua!

Why a integral aluminum centerboard ?

From Polynesian dugout canoes to Scandinavian drakkars, passing by the Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus, the human being did not wait for the integral aluminum centerboard . However, for half a century it has become for many sailors, whether experienced or novice, the best choice for going on a long cruise around the world.

It’s a kind of perfect balance between function and material. Between steel, which is too heavy and polyester, which is too fragile on impact, it impresses with its excellent weight / resistance ratio. Better, not only its capacity of absorption of the shocks by deformation avoids transforming into drama any meeting with an OFNI (Unidentified Floating Object), makes it possible to ground quietly wherever you see fit, but it also makes it possible to develop forms as harmonious as they are efficient. With a little time and a lot of know-how, the Allures are proof that we can get rid of the angular popular chines of the seventies, to offer shaped hulls with impeccable elegance and finish. .

Happy place !!!!

And as, thanks to aluminum, one can run aground without ulterior motive, sailing in lagoons where one has feet is also tempting. The choice of the "deriveur integra" is then fully imposed. Beyond the approval described above, it also contributes to increasing the serenity of the edge by offering the possibility of sheltering as close as possible to the coast, or even going to run aground in the middle of the mangrove during the passage of a cyclone. History lived, the boat emerged absolutely unscathed. Farther offshore, drift raised, it slides on the slope of the strongest waves, instead of being drawn into an over-heel by the contrary forces exerted by the sails pushed by the wind on one side, and the keel braked by the water of the other. All this, in an unimaginable smoothness of movement on any other type of boat due to the perfect weight balance and the low hydrodynamic drag. And since aluminum is maintenance-free, you'll really have time to enjoy it.

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