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The Russian tank

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Our second visit was on the Almaz 18 meters .

Built from aluminum magnesium AMG6 in Russia , well suited for high latitude sailing and our itinerary , very strong and comfortable .

The first impression by studying the drawings and looking at the photos was very positive and motivated us to inspect the vessel .

Once on aboard the reality became apparent. Like in many cases I have encountered in my past , due to the owner family disputed , this beautiful vessel custom built like a tank to last many years was totally neglected for the past 2 or 3 years . Zincs on hull not replaced in a long time , the paint and teak deck in total shambles and a very sad engine room.

It came to my mind to how can a owner let his beloved vessel get in such a state after some much effort, money and love needed to build it ? .... I guess is the circumstance of life .

Not really my plan to get involved in a major refit and going to a shipyard , especially after spending the last 18 years working for 3 different ones . It's to stressful and your budget is never enough!!

I must always remind myself that my aim is to go sailing and not to go back working in a new shipyard !

Sad story but I will have to skip this one .

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