The itinerary   ( click to "View" and let the page load , it can take a few minutes ) .

The itinerary as been selected to range from tropical islands to extreme high latitude seas  .

Wind conditions will be variable with light winds at the equator, established trade winds in the tropics and gales force winds in Patagonia or the China seas .


We are not risk hunters but safe and wary sailors , we do not expose ourselves to danger and do attentive weather analysis  and routing to avoid uncomfortable weather or treacherous situations.

We will be exploring isolated islands and unspoiled territories to get in touch with the wild nature , but also cities to live the culture and traditions of the local population . 

During the expedition we will  track and report to various organization the impact of global warming, coral bleaching an plastic pollution  in effort to reduce the impact of this plagues that are destroying our environment.

Being aware and active is a start to our contribution to help preserve and protect  planet earth.